qesah pyqalil

budak noty
~my dear~
halil sham bin shamsudin
we meet 18 th April 20o9
he always make me happy
he is simple men but he is so kind
he is perfect men i see
i <3 u chubby
~my wife~
Nur syafiqah binti Abd Kadir
she is very perfect gulz
i wanna take her to be my wife
i think my life is zero without her !
i swear to care her!

doakanlah relationship kami hingga hujung nyawa !
kami saling sayang dan saling windu !
jgn lah ambil dia,kerna kami masih memerlukan !

chenta kami
.:we since 18th April 20o9:.
my love just for you n only one..
dont leave me alone..

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