budak noty
dy sayang saya ke?
dy da perlukn sy lg kerp ?
sy da xbermakne tok dy ke?
sy x semporna utk dy ke?
ayat ni persoalan ku.,
bkn pd si sy.,
tp pada akak cyunkuh ni..
cuti sem suda muncoll
mgkn lg susahh tok kami jumpe n hang out bersama.,
plezzz dun leave me, 
my sister is very good and pretty and sporting, 
I dun want to lose sis, 
I only have a crew, 
I mish the body paralysis, 
sleep my dear heart, 
never my intention to leave. 
I will not go wit out you.
 I began to lose confidence to go on living.
 I began to feel the confusion with the current situation. 
I am vry tension. but uatever happens,
 I still love you to death, I want to be in the crew the crew engagement, marriage, and the grave.

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